40. Unemployed. Bruised Ego. Never Been Happier.

40- Yes, it’s happening. I am turning 40. I remember my dad turning forty; we had a big party. I recall lots of black balloons and over-the-hills. I don’t remember my mom turning forty- it was probably a quiet occasion.

Unemployed- Yes, I said it. I don’t have a job for next year. Am I surprised? Yes. Am I worried? Completely. Have I lost faith? No.

Bruised Ego- In the past 2 months, I have been long-listed, short-listed, a finalist, and even runner-up for several new jobs… great opportunities for our family, in many fantastic places. Then again, I have also applied for positions where I didn’t even get a response, period. I am a pretty humble person. I never claim to know everything or be better than others. I own my mistakes and my faults. However, don’t let my smile fool you; I feel I’ve been punched in the gut when someone doesn’t see my value, my hard work, my overall wonderfulness (she says with humility).

Never Been Happier- So, how can that be? I am turning the dreaded 40, I don’t know where we will be living or working next year, nobody wants me!! Well, I am finally happy being me. Life is pretty good- I have a great husband and awesome kids. I believe in what I can bring to a school- as a leader and a learner. A new adventure awaits!

Why am I writing this on my learning blog? We are all on a roller coaster ride. Colleagues, as well as students in our classes, are going through highs and lows in their life. As much as we’d like to leave our worries at home, it’s almost impossible. All we can do is offer to listen, give a friendly hug, and offer chocolate.

On the other hand, I have also been told to “Suck it up, children in Africa are starving!” So, whatever works- know your audience. ☺

7 thoughts on “40. Unemployed. Bruised Ego. Never Been Happier.

  1. In my times of “not knowing” I have learned some of my most important lessons. I’ve been there – and know that feeling of uncertainty and self-doubt. Thanks for keeping it real… and for keeping the faith! 🙂


  2. It was wonderful reading about your mixed feeling Ginny. God bless you. I salute your high spirits and am sure “The best is yet to come.”


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