The Journey Begins… with some insight.

After 12 years, 8 grade levels, 8 subjects, 3 countries, and 3 US States… I’m finally in the position I’ve always dreamed of… except it’s not working out as I’ve dreamed. Why not? Well, I have some ideas. As, I’m sure, anyone who has moved from classroom teacher to administrator can relate. I thought I’d be different. I thought that I would make a difference. I thought, “I’m important now.”

I was wrong.

Being promoted from within feels great; it’s an accomplishment. It means that others have seen the potential in you.

However, your colleagues may view it differently.

My insights:
1. People will think that you have insider information. Anything you say, or don’t say, could be used against you.
2. Your “circle of trust” changes, gets smaller, might even disappear. It’s tough, but necessary.
3. If you are ready, be open to new experiences. There’s a big world out there. Don’t be afraid to make a fresh start.
4. Visit classrooms and teachers as often as you can. Carve out sacred time for that.
5. Thicken your skin. I’m still working on that one. Any advice would be appreciated.
6. Network with people in other schools with the same position.
7. Find a mentor. Be a mentor.
8. Know your stuff- keep up with the latest research and practices.
9. Continuously improve and encourage colleagues to do the same.
10. Most importantly… smile, laugh, and don’t forget to breathe.

More soon,

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