Ripe for Disruption

No Child Left Untableted

Have you read the article above from the NY Times? If not, click and read the blue title above(the comments are also interesting). Then let me know what you think.

We are in the beginning stages of positive disruption, at least I hope we are.  As our administrators begin to work toward a plan to jump into the 21st (or 22nd) Century, these are the issues I believe we need to think about:
1. All teachers are not tech wizards and learn at different rates and abilities (just like our students). However, they must be willing to learn.
2. We cannot always control what students are doing with their tablets/laptops during school hours or study time.
3. Parents may need just as much professional development as the teachers.
4. We must not overvalue technology and undervalue people.
5. This will take time, consideration, and collaboration.

One thought on “Ripe for Disruption

  1. I feel the same way! We first need to teach Digital Citizenship. It needs to start in KG. Some may be surprised, but even a kg student knows how to watch a video on You Tube!!! Kids need to learn how to triangulate the info on the websites they go to. They also need to understand their boundaries and respect them. This has to be taught at home and at school. Then…you can start to feel more comfortable as a teacher and a parent using tablets and such in the classroom. 🙂


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